Sustainability Bridges the Generation Gap

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The “sustainability generation” is a moniker most typically associated with Millennials. They are, after all, the generation that has grown up around hybrid vehicles, mainstream recycling, and locally sourced food movements.

They’re the generation so fluent in social media and online networking that building movements and impacting wholesale change for societal improvement is a reflexive action ingrained in everyday lifestyle. This generation is further characterized by a self-assurance that individual actions can and do make a difference.

Arguably though, the title of the “sustainability generation” could be just as easily claimed by the baby boomers whose early activism spurred awareness of environmentalism and demanded new approaches to better health and wellness for the human family.

The intergenerational approach to sustainability is something we see every day at Two Degrees, the first one-for-one food company in the world, which we founded a year ago to fight childhood hunger. For every Two Degrees nutrition bar sold, a medically-formulated nutrition pack is delivered to a malnourished child. The 35-year age gap between us, the co-founders of Two Degrees Food, creates a unique perspective to inform our approach to sustainability,  how our respective peer groups operate (and, critically, what motivates them), how best to shape what we do as a company, and how we do it.

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