How to Get Dirty Old Coal Plants to Disappear: Turn Them Into Parks, Waterfront Spaces

Read the full post at Treehugger.

There are a number of ways to try to shut down a coal plant: Citizen petitions, grassroots movements, legislative maneuvering, and big, banner-laden activist protests. Usually it takes a combination of all of the above before a governor or mayor is spurred into action.

But, as Grist’s Dave Roberts points out, there’s another approach that may be even more effective as a bargaining tool: Transform it from a rusty, dilapidated hunk of junk into a place that people want to hang out.

To do so, outline a distinct vision for an alternative plan that’s better for the economy, better for for public health, and better for the climate. And that’s exactly what a group called American Clean Skies Foundation did in order to help make the case for closing down a dirty, 60-year old coal plant in Virginia.

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