Molson Coors Slashes Water Use 5% in One Year

Read the full post at Triple Pundit.

Beer has become a global beverage of choice, from national brands to local craft brews.  With popularity and thirst come impact:  depending on which resource you check, it takes anywhere from 75 liters ( to 155 liters (WWF) to produce a single glass of beer.  Much of that water impact comes from far down the supply chain, from farms to ingredients’ final distribution before all that wheat, barley, and hops ferment into frothy goodness.  So no, not every drop of water that contributes to that bottle of beer is lost forever. The point of sorting out a “water footprint” is to find fixable inefficiencies.

Beer companies are onto this as the industry faces growing consolidation and local communities express concern about the impact that massive breweries can have on local water supplies.  So the (responsible) race is on:  companies are tripping over each other to show that that their water-to-beer ratio is trending down.  The statistics are not just about public relations:  beverage company executives have told me that water efficiency projects can have an internal ROI of anywhere between 10 to 20 percent.  Molson Coors, the North American beer giant, had a large drop in water consumption the past year alone.

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