DOE and ASHRAE Sign Agreement to Improve Building Energy Standards

The U.S. Department of Energy and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) today announced a new agreement to develop achievable and cost effective standards, jointly promote educational programs, and support one another’s products and services. The memorandum of understanding (MOU) underscores the commitment between DOE and ASHRAE to improve building energy standards that reduce energy costs and carbon pollution nationwide. These concerted efforts help home and business owners save money on their annual utility bills, enhance our nation’s energy security by reducing fossil fuel use, and strengthen America’s position as a leader in energy-efficient building construction.

Under the MOU, which updates the organizations’ 2007 agreement, DOE and ASHRAE agree to strengthen their mutual support for the development of ASHRAE standards and to promote the international adoption of these standards. The agreement also calls for the following:

  • Increase research collaboration to promote the transfer of new technologies to building owners and managers
  • Ensure the compatibility of building energy software
  • Support education for building designers
  • Implement counter-terrorism design features in buildings
  • Minimize the impact of energy use on the environment

Many of the goals set forth in the MOU support the international energy efficiency standard called Standard 90.1, which sets the bar for energy efficiency in commercial buildings. ASHRAE will provide self-directed online learning opportunities and hands on training programs on-site at buildings that meet or exceed Standard 90.1. ASHRAE and DOE will also work to develop an update to Standard 90.1 for release in 2013 that improves energy efficiency of commercial buildings by 50% compared with the 2004 standard. The accelerated development and distribution of advanced energy design guidance, such as 50% Advanced Energy Design Guides, will also be a key component of the collaboration.

The agreement was signed at ASHRAE’s 2011 Annual Conference in Montreal, Quebec on June 25, 2011. The agreement will specifically support the following ASHRAE standards:

  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/ASHRAE/Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Standard 90.1, Energy Efficient Design of New Buildings Except Low Rise Residential Buildings
  • ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.2, Energy Efficient Design of Low-Rise Residential Buildings
  • ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.1, Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Air Quality In Commercial, Institutional, Industrial and High-rise Residential Buildings
  • ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.2, Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Air Quality in Low-Rise Residential Buildings
  • ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 100, Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings
  • ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 135, BACnet® – A Data Communication Protocol for Building Automation and Control Networks
  • ANSI/ASHRAE/USGBC/IES Standard 189.1, Standard for the Design of High-Performance Green Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings
  • Proposed ASHRAE/NEMA Standard 201, Facility Smart Grid Information Model

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