Cambridge Journals celebrates success with free online access

Cambridge Journals is celebrating recent achievements by making all its online journals content from 2009 and 2010 free for six weeks.

Cambridge has enjoyed accelerating success in recent years with increasing numbers of journals published, improved impact factors and multiple enhancements made to Cambridge Journals Online (CJO). Usage has significantly increased with the digitisation of new and archive content, and more people are now able to access Cambridge Journals than ever before. Currently over 1.3 million articles are downloaded from CJO every month.

To celebrate these successes, and to reach out to new customers, Cambridge Journals has announced that it is making all online content published during 2009 and 2010 free between 15th July and 30th August 2011.

During the trial, the Cambridge Journals team will also be looking for feedback to help shape the future of the service. The Cambridge Journals Online (CJO) website is continually developing, informed by consultation with key customers in the academic and library communities. Users will be encouraged to give their feedback on CJO and content, to ensure the service keeps on developing according to their needs.

Simon Ross, Global Director of Cambridge Journals, says: “Cambridge Journals forms one of the most important bodies of academic research material available in the world today, and we have recently seen massive growth in the number of people using and accessing our journals. We are celebrating this success with our loyal customers, and providing new customers with an opportunity to see what Cambridge Journals have to offer. We encourage anyone with an interest in serious academic research to go onto CJO and have a look around.”

To access the free articles, go to:

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