Webinar: Energy Efficient Product Procurement

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) will present a live webcast titled Energy Efficient Product Procurement on August 4, 2011, from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m. EDT.

Experts Christopher Payne, Ph.D., staff scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Amanda Sahl, efficient product procurement program lead for DOE’s Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP), will present on how to meet executive order and Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requirements on purchasing FEMP-designated and Energy Star products.

The instructors will review:

  • Federal laws, mandates, and regulations that drive energy efficient product purchasing decisions;
  • Specifications, categories, standby power, and performance requirements for Energy Star and FEMP-designated products;
  • Identification, selection, analysis, and verification of performance standards in each product category;
  • Lifecycle costing, funding mechanisms, and General Services Administration and Defense Logistics Agency source specifications; and
  • Guidance, contract language, cost calculators, and other purchasing resources.

Participants are encouraged to email or call in their questions before and during the program to receive tailored advice from the experts during the live “Q&A” segment. Questions submitted before the program can be sent to FTS@energyworkshops.org.

The 90-minute training is free of charge, but you must register in advance to obtain an Internet URL for the presentation. Register to attend the seminar.

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