News of the World scandal – the green angle

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If I’m honest, the connection is pretty tenuous. There is no doubting the green angle on the News of the World implosion is not quite as exciting as the media, political and criminal angles that are currently metastasising into what professional cynic Charlie Brooker today referred to as “everything-gate”.

But there is a potentially significant green angle, and not just in the way News Corporations’ admirable sustainability strategy is unlikely to be a front and centre issue at board meetings in the coming weeks.

A consensus appears to be building that the Press Complaints Commission (PCC), a body as toothless as a 16-year-old mongrel, will need replacing by a new regulatory body that – while remaining voluntary – will be backed by significantly greater powers.

It is early days for this mooted body, particularly given that the focus over the next few weeks will remain on crucial questions over the level of police corruption, the extent to which senior executives at News International are capable of redefining the term morally bankrupt, and whether David Cameron’s credibility has been permanently damaged.

But once the dust has settled we are likely to end up with a new approach to press standards that can only benefit green businesses, climate scientists and the wider low-carbon economy.

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