Day: July 5, 2011

Power Up

Power Up, developed by IBM and the TryScience project team at the New York Hall of Science is an exciting, 3-D, action-strategy game that allows students to learn about engineering and science principles by saving the imaginary planet Helios from ecological devastation. Students must, for example, carry out missions to supply solar, wind and water power to the planet. The game is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems and is accompanied by lesson plans on energy.

Green cities span coasts, as eco-efforts intensify

Read the full story in USA Today.

North America’s greenest cities aren’t just on the West Coast, long known for environmentalism. They’re also in the South, East and Midwest as innovative eco-efforts proliferate.

Greening the Desert? Not So Fast!

Read the full story at Miller-McCune.

On The 25th anniversary of the book “Cadillac Desert,” we look at the work of an earlier Cassandra of Western water shortages, explorer John Wesley Powell.

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