ITP Funding Available for Transformational Manufacturing Technologies and Innovative Materials

On June 24, DOE’s Industrial Technologies Program (ITP) released its Innovative Manufacturing Initiative funding opportunity announcement in support of President Obama’s Advanced Manufacturing Partnership. This solicitation seeks applications in line with ITP’s mission to invest in manufacturing engineering and development to enable rapid, low-cost, energy-efficient manufacturing.

Up to $120 million will be available over three years to develop transformational manufacturing technologies and innovative materials to reduce time, cost, and energy requirements associated with manufacturing. Projects involving innovations in the earlier stages of development, such as applied research or proof-of-concept projects, will be eligible for awards of up to $1 million. Projects that are further along in their development, such as laboratory testing or verification of a prototype system, will be eligible for awards of up to $9 million.

DOE expects to select 35-50 cost-shared projects involving innovative manufacturing and novel materials concepts that are revolutionary in their design or impact and capable of addressing manufacturing energy productivity. Applicants are encouraged to form collaborative teams equipped with both technical and commercial capabilities to enhance their prospects for success.

Applicants must submit a Letter of Intent by August 1, 2011, in order to be eligible to submit a Full Application by August 25, 2011. See the DOE press release, the funding announcement on EERE eXCHANGE, and the ITP website.

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