The British evasion of green governance

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Conservative UK Prime Minister David Cameron is failing at his year-old vow to lead the “greenest government ever,” according to a scathing report released over the weekend by environmental group Friends of the Earth.

Cameron had made the promise days after taking office as head of a coalition government with Britain’s Liberal Democrat party last May, noting that he “cares passionately” about the environment. At the time he even backed up his mission with that most trustworthy of assurances, telling civil servants at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, “I mean that from the bottom of my heart.”

Turns out to be either a cold or shallow heart according to the FOE report, which says the chances of achieving such greenery are “vanishingly remote.” The report was written, incidentally, by the former head of Britain’s Sustainable Development Commission, a group that Cameron’s government axed.

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