Water Sustainability Assessment for Ten Army Installations

Water Sustainability Assessment for Ten Army Installations
By Elisabeth M. Jenicek, Rebecca A. Carroll, Laura E. Curvey, MeLena S. Hessel, Ryan M. Holmes, and Elizabeth Pearson

Abstract: A key concern for the US Army is the vulnerability of military installations to critical resource issues. Water issues of concern—including adequate supply, increased cost of production per unit volume, quality, habitat degradation and salinity issues—already impact military installations and military operations in many locations within the nation and across the globe. There is a need to assess vulnerability of regions and installations to water supply and to develop strategies to ameliorate any adverse effects on military sustainment. These analyses —completed on a watershed level and projected over a 30 year time frame— include estimates of both installation and regional water demand. Assessments were completed for ten Army bases across the United States. Results depict a range of installation water sustainability conditions that reflect the larger picture of water sustainability across the United States and around the world. The Army is applying the results of these studies to develop policies that will support sustainable long-term water supplies.

If you wish to access/download the document (257 pages, 5 Mb) in pdf format, the address is: http://libweb.wes.army.mil/uhtbin/hyperion/CERL-TR-11-5.pdf

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