Dell to Ship Servers in Mushroom-Based Packaging

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Dell will branch out into new packaging materials when it starts shipping servers protected by mushroom cushions instead of foam.

Online marketplace helps parents sell used kids’ goods

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In today’s consumer society, raising children seems to go hand in hand with acquiring and then later divesting oneself of mountains of kids’ goods. That’s why we’ve already seen contenders such as Hand-me-downs step in to help with the challenge, and it’s also why there’s StorkBrokers today. Now in beta, US-based StorkBrokers is an online marketplace and community dedicated to helping parents buy and sell used kids’ goods.

First Generation iPads Are Being Resold, Not Recycled

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In October, Earth911 reported that Sims Recycling Solutions, the world’s largest electronics recycler, received its first iPad for recycling at its Sacramento facility. How many more iPads have arrived at the facility in subsequent months, especially after the iPad’s 2 release on March 11?

None, says plant manager James Cuppet.

AERC Recycling Solutions, another electronics recycling company, has not received any iPads at its San Francisco Bay Area facility, according to facility supervisor Amante Ramelb.

“I think the majority of people are participating in take-back programs or selling them on eBay,” Cuppet says.