Draft Biochar Sustainability Protocols Released

Developed as a collaboration between Pacific Northwest Biochar (PNW Biochar) and the United States Biochar Initiative (USBI), the protocols “set forth a shared vision and direction for the future of biochar technology among biochar proponents to prevent unintended consequences that could potentially arise from this process.” The intent of the protocols is to provide a process for biochar stakeholders (those actually farming, producing, distributing and using biochar) to determine what methodologies they would need to certify and adopt to ensure that they are in fact making and utilizing biochar in a socially, environmentally and economically sound manner. The protocols lay out principles, which set goals for all participants in the life-cycle of biochar. The principles are followed by baseline practices which are intended to set the threshold for where sustainability begins.

More information is available on the Pacific Northwest Biochar site (PNW Biochar) at: http://sites.google.com/site/pnwbiochar/sustainability-protocol.

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