Scrap Tire Markets in the United States

Via Docuticker.

Scrap Tire Markets in the United States (PDF; 814 KB)
Source: Rubber Manufacturers Association
From press release:

State cleanup laws and growing markets are helping to alleviate a serious environmental issue – scrap tires. According to a report by the Rubber Manufacturers Association, nearly 87 percent of disposed tires each year are put to a new use. In 1990, only 11 percent of scrap tires was consumed by a market.

Additionally, the number of tires sitting in stockpiles shrunk to 188 million from 275 million in 2003. More than 1 billion scrap tires were stockpiled in 1990.

RMA, which represents tire manufacturers, ranked states by their overall performance in dealing with scrap tire issues and how states improved since the previous scrap tire report in 2003.

South Carolina, North Carolina and Maine lead the nation in a performance ranking of dealing with scrap tires. Rankings are based on percent of tires going to end use markets, number of stockpiled tires, stockpiled tires per capita, number of tires land-disposed and the percent of the number of tires/per capita land-disposed in 2005.

Texas, Alabama, Michigan and Ohio were tops in improving the scrap tire situation in 2005 as compared to 2003.

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