The $350 DIY Solar Heater… Again! — Mother Earth News, December-January

Via Treehugger.

Gary Reysa and his $350 DIY Solar Heater are getting media attention everywhere, it seems: we covered his design here, and now the latest issue of Mother Earth News has Gary and the heater on the cover. Whether you want to build your own heater, or buy one, Mother’s got you covered this time around.

Other interesting items in the December-January issue include a report on cleaner diesel fuel, a list of seventeen great green holiday gifts, and a thorough overview of pharmaceutical drugs vs. herbal remedies. If you purchase a copy, or subscribe to the magazine, you’ll also have access to tips for organizing your seeds for Spring planting, a first-hand account of a green homesteading couple, and a “bootstrap business” article on selling heirloom tomatoes. Pick up a copy, or subscribe to the “original guide to living wisely.” ::Mother Earth News, December-January 2006/2007

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