Sustainable products roundup

It’s that time again.

What’s better than a gadget that eliminates mundane tasks? Ecopod makes sorting recyclables efficient and effortless with their household recycling center. Designed in partnership with BMW DesignWorksUSA, Ecopod’s E1 series houses the usual separate compartments for your recyclables, along with a compactor which takes all the air out of your plastic bottles and aluminum cans. With a touch of a foot pedal, your plastic and aluminum reduce instantly to space-saving scale.

P.E.T. ABUSE: Redstr Collective Plastic Chalices (Via
We inherently love design made from recycled materials – and we love it even more is when an unusual choice of recycled materials challenges our expectations and provokes interesting questions about the nature of disposable comsumption. Such is the case with Redstr Collective’s P.E.T Abuse collection: a line of fancy “chalices” made from recycled plastic water bottles. With just a simple slice and reconfiguring of an old plastic bottle, we get a medieval-style chalice that looks better suited to King Arthur’s round table than collecting dust in your recycling bin. These look fun for parties and a good DIY craft project for kids. Considering we all have plastic P.E.T bottles making the rounds through our recycling bins, why aren’t we all making plastic chalices on a daily basis? (I smell a How-to coming…)

LED Lightbulb Replacement (Via Treehugger)
Notwithstanding the Compact Fluorescent Love-in going on, we have always considered them an interim technology, soon to be replaced by even more efficient, completely mercury free and longer lasting LED’s. The Mule LEDison bulbs screw into a standard (Edison) base, but replace a 60 watt bulb with a 100,000 hour life bulb that consumes, get this, one watt. We suspect they are really expensive but that will change and when it does, CFL’s are toast. ::Mule via ::ecogeek

Julian Lwin’s Urban Herbarium (Via Treehugger)
We’re happy to say that Lwin’s at it again with his green fingered design. The designer who has brought us such fertile ideas as the Galapagos Table, the Urban Oasis and the Biodegradable Biotube Bench has now turned his hand to herbs. “The Urban Herbarium is a self-enclosed growing chamber to germinate and grow edible herbs for your city kitchen. The shape of the Urban Herbarium allows rainwater runoff to be purified and filtered through three sizes of perforated holes in the top and side panels. The pollutants associated with urban living are cleaned using a micro-mesh carbon filtration system – providing a great opportunity to grow edible foods pollutant-free in the city. A terraced & stackable version is also under development.” Via: MocoLoco ::Lwin Design

Solar Powered Wheelchair: Energy Matters (Via Treehugger)
When the kids saw this picture they said “What a great idea. Shelter from the rain and sun! Free charge up!” Visibility is improved but we’re not sure how the user gets on public transit? Perhaps there’s a net reduction in weight; that would help? There’s a place to clamp on a 12V personal fan, for sure. While the picture tells most of the story, there’s more digital fringe at InfoLink. Via: The Raw Feed

Acoustic Weave 3D Wallpaper from Mioculture (Via Treehugger)
The guys at MIO have done it again. We’ve mentioned their lighting and seating before, and covered an earlier version of their 3-D wallpaper way back in 2004; the latest version builds on their previous designs. The Acoustic Weave is designed to diffuse sound, reduce acoustic glare and eliminate standing waves; add to that it’s green credentials (100% recycled and recyclable paper made in closed-loop manufacturing from locally sourced materials) and you’ve got a great way to spruce up any room, TreeHugger style. The tiles can be installed temporarily with double stick tape or permanently with wallpaper paste, and can be painted or colored. $30 gets you a dozen tiles. ::MIOculture via ::Core77

MBDC’s Pick for All-Purpose, Non-Toxic Cleaning (Read the full post at Treehugger)
Last week, we told you that sustainable product and process design consulting firm McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC) had awarded Begley’s Best All Purpose Cleaner with Cradle to Cradle Certification, one of the most prestigious sustainable honors out there. So what’s so special about this stuff? Well for starters, it is non-toxic, non-caustic, non-fuming, non-flammable, non-explosive, non-irritating, non-allergenic, and 99 percent biodegradable in seven days. Then, you have the ingredients that sound more like a gourmet party dip: Extracts of pine, palm, de-acidified citrus, maize, fermented sugar cane, and olive seeds.

ZenTable: By Cardboard Design (Read the full post at Treehugger)
Cardboardesign had such a good initial response to its cardboard furniture and decorative products they decided to open a commercial website. “With prices ranging from $36 – $160, everyone can own a piece. From penthouses to playhouses, the furniture fits in any dwelling”. They suggest that their desktops, like that of the pictured ZenTable, take on a “lacquered look” if the top is varnished. Look for traditional (non-urethane) marine spar varnish if you decide to go that route. Examples of custom decorated versions of the table are shown here. The TreeHugger favored quote from the website promo: “Not one [1] tree was cut down to produce our furniture & packaging.”

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