UIUC Facility and Services and Environmental Council Announce Call for Proposals

Faculty and students on campus are tremendous resources for new ideas and innovative solutions to our campus environmental issues. We plan to utilize that resource to make tangible, significant improvements to our campus, to add value to F&S scheduled projects, to provide support for academic and student research and to demonstrate how our campus can be more sustainable.

As such, F&S will provide $30,000 to stimulate thinking about and demonstration of innovative solutions toward real campus environmental challenges. Topics might include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Bio-fuel reactors to fuel campus cars or buildings;
  • Living Machine to replace the waste water treatment plant at Allerton;
  • Supply exchange web site for campus departments and students;
  • Food waste composting system for dorms or food service facilities on campus; and
  • Solar pond/waste water detention facility.

Specifications for all topics, or questions about additional ideas, can be discussed with Lisa Merrifield, lmorrisn@uiuc.edu or 217-333-0045. Two page proposals are due November 13. Projects can begin between mid-December and January 30. More information can be obtained at www.environ.uiuc.edu/FSRFP.htm.

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