ASLI's Choice – Award for the Best Book of 2006

What is your favourite book of 2006?

The Atmospheric Science Librarians International is seeking your nominations for the best book of 2006.  They are going to present ASLI’s Choice Award for the best book of 2006 in the fields of meteorology / climatology / atmospheric sciences in  San Antonio, Texas  during the AMS conference in January 2007.

The books will be judged on nine criteria: uniqueness, comprehensiveness, usefulness, quality, authoritativeness, organization, illustrations/diagrams, competition and references.  To qualify, the book has to have a 2006 copyright date and can be in any format and at any reading level:  college, research, general audience, children’s, reference.   Any language is accepted.

Readers are invited to nominate their choice and submit their nomination to the chair of the ASLI Awards Committee listed below, or to complete the form on the ASLI website: .  You may nominate as many works as you wish, but please complete a separate entry from for each work.   November 1, 2006 be the cut-off date for submissions.  The ASLI executive will have the difficult choice of doing the final selection from the titles pre-screened by the Awards Committee.

For more information please see BAMS, May 2006, p.  654

How do I submit my nomination?

Complete the form at:

Or email

or send to:
M. Latyszewskyj
Environment Canada Library, Downsview
4905 Dufferin Street
Toronto, ON
Canada M2N 3C7

What is the closing date?   Nov. 1, 2006

How do I know who has won? 
Winner will be posted to the ASLI listserv and to the ASLI website after the announcement in January 2007 in San Antonio, Texas.

Members of the ASLI Choice committee:

Maria A. Latyszewskyj – Chair
Environment Canada Library, Downsview

Amy Butros
Scripps Institution of Oceanography Library

Doria Grimes
NOAA Central Library

Judie Triplehorn
Geophysical Institute Library

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