4th Ecological Construction Symposium '06– 'Re-Building a Sustainable Community'

Dates: October 13-15, 2006
Locations: e-co lab, 110 S. Race St. Suite 202 in the Bennett Building Downtown Urbana, IL, ph 217-344-1294
Urbana Civic Center 108 E. Water St., Urbana, IL

Over the past year intensified discussions about environmental impacts of human activities have prompted the question: How must we change our current societal practices to reestablish a sustainable system?

The Urbana Permaculture Project, School for Designing a Society and e-co lab invite you to join the discussion on ecological design and construction principles. Over the course of three days the 4th Ecological Construction Symposium 2006 will present and investigate different local design examples employing concepts based on creating an overall beneficial relationship with interrelated and surrounding aspects. These examples will span the fields of ecosystems and permaculture design, passive architecture and cradle to cradle, energy efficiency technologies, waste & water management, renewable energy technologies and societal design strategies. As an overall umbrella the architecture firm Farr Associates, Chicago, IL was asked to officially open the symposium on Friday evening with a keynote presentation on the planned green residential redevelopment of the Kerr Avenue site in Urbana (to be confirmed).

Our challenge is to shine light especially on the green construction field, its surrounding fields and its economic potential for the US building sector. We propose that the situation, based on the predicted increase of oil prices, offers an opportunity for local businesses to anticipate economic growth possibilities and jobs in a rising environmental market. By presenting local cutting edge projects our goal is to inspire others to explore the green business opportunities in their field. Together as a community, we can take responsibility for the environment locally as well as reducing global warming and enhancing economic well being for all.

Two Days of
1. “Presentations on leading sustainable Projects in the Community”
2. “Field Trips: Permaculture, Passive Architecture and Water & Waste Systems”
provide a wealth of topics and opportunities in which to advance ecological construction practices and ideas. Presenters and projects will include amongst others:

Patterns for Abundance: Design and consulting for permaculture, Bloomington, IN. Presenter; Peter Bane, experienced permaculture site designer and teacher. http://www.permacultureactivist.net/design/Designconsult.html

Urbana Permaculture Project: Non-profit Organization promoting and implementing permaculture for Urbana, IL. Presenter; Rob Scott, designer and edible gardener of multiple permaculture sites in Urbana, http://www.prairienet.org/upp/

School for Designing a Society: Non-profit Organization and School inviting to compose desirable interrelationships and environments, Urbana, IL. Presenters; Mark Enslin, composer and actor, Danielle Chynoweth, Urbana City Council Member , http://www.designingasociety.org.

Ecological Construction Laboratory : Non-profit Community Housing Development Organization promoting and implementing Passive Housing for Urbana, IL. Presenters; Katrin Klingenberg, designer and builder of passive houses in Urbana, David Stecher, building envelope analyst http://www.e-colab.org. The Fairview House Project is conducted in collaboration with IBACOS Pittsburgh, PA, one of the lead teams in the US Department of Energy’s Building America Program, conducting research towards zero energy houses and communities in the US. http://www.ibacos.com

New Prairie Construction, Inc.: Construction company, Urbana, IL, pioneering in straw bale construction. Presenter; Julie Vogel, builder of the straw bale residence in Urbana.

Tiny Greens, Specialty Sprouts and Green Island: Local sprout farm, Urbana, IL, and the Green Island Sustainable Community. Presenter; William Bagby, owner of the farm and founder of Green Island, will present on the development’s water & waste systems design.

Suggested Donation for Individuals and Non-Profits: $25 for Professionals: $100

For more information, contact e-co lab at http://www.e-colab.org/contact.htm.

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