Benefits of Smart Growth Shown in 40 Communities Throughout U.S.

From cities to suburbs to small towns to rural communities, environmentally sensitive development is improving quality of life, according to the new publication This Is Smart Growth, released today by EPA, the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) and 30 other organizations. All 32 organizations are partners in the Smart Growth Network, a highly diverse alliance that works to encourage development practices that improve the environment, the economy, public health, and the community.

Featuring 40 localities around the country, This Is Smart Growth illustrates how communities can use smart growth techniques that improve the quality of development. It shows how communities have made tax dollars go farther by reducing the cost of services and infrastructure and offering people more transportation choices. It also shows how communities have protected natural lands, farms and ranches; created safe, convenient neighborhoods with homes people can afford; and boosted public health by reducing pollution and increasing opportunities for walking, biking, and other forms of physical activity.

The publication was released today at the ICMA annual meeting in San Antonio. Its endorsement by the Smart Growth Network reflects support by organizations representing housing, environmental, community design and development, public health, transportation, local government, and other interests.

This is Smart Growth was funded through a cooperative agreement between EPA and ICMA. Free copies are available from the EPA National Service Center for Environmental Publications at 800-490-9198 or via e-mail at Ask for publication number 231-K-06-002.

For a list of the 40 communities, go to:

For an electronic copy of the report, go to the Smart Growth Network web site:

For more information about EPA’s smart growth program, go to:

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