Day: September 12, 2006

Greening Glitter Gulch

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Let there be no more illusions about green building entering the mainstream.

In June, construction crews broke ground on two massive green building developments along the west side of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. The Cosmopolitan, a resort casino with condos developed by 3700 Associates LLC, is likely to be completed first, opening its doors in 2008.

2006 Sunset Idea House

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One calendar year seems like a decade when considering the evolution of green building. So compared to last year’s Sunset Magazine Idea House, the 2006 Celebration Idea House represents years of innovation, just completed and currently sitting in the Sunset Magazine parking lot on a steel-pier foundation in Menlo Park, California.

New ideas for green insulation

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Since we’ve recently discussed energy consumption and indoor air quality on Inhabitat, we figured now would be a great time to talk about insulation. Don’t run away! We realize that insulation is not a sexy subject matter. Nevertheless, insulation is crucial to your energy consumption, comfort, health, and ultimate happiness – so don’t flee just yet…

As you all know, having good insulation is critical to having an energy efficient house, and proper insulation can save you loads of money with your heating and cooling bills. What you may not know, however, is that most mainstream, commercially-available insulation is pretty nasty stuff that you probably don’t want anywhere near the air you breathe all day. Many people believe that nasty chemical insulation (the kind that is in most people’s houses) can contribute to cancer, asthma, and a whole host of other health problems. That’s why we highly recommend checking out some of the newest types of eco-friendly insulation, such as recycled denim, wool, icynene, and nanogel.

Condos, apartments join 'green' trend in building

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Waterview Overlook, a condominium complex to be built in the Harbor West community, will be among the most environmentally friendly buildings in Baltimore.

Developers are using recycled wood for half of all the flooring and cabinets in the units. It uses Energy Star appliances and building materials such as caulk and tiles that are made with environmentally friendly products.

Students approve eco-friendly Tate II

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The new Tate Center may be stamped “green” for its efficient water and power use if there’s enough money in the building’s budget for the certification.

An eco-friendly designation could tentatively cost between $500,000 and $1 million, said University architect Danny Sniff.

Listing service will note green homes

Read the full story in the Portland Oregonian.

Portland-area appraisers and real estate agents soon will be able to search for new homes that have met national standards for earth-friendly construction, an increasingly sought-after feature in the local housing market.

The Regional Multiple Listing Service, the region’s most authoritative source of information on home sales, has quietly decided to incorporate the leading green building programs in its listings starting early next year.

New York Jets to unveil plans for new headquarters

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Gang Green is hoping to wear its colors on more than their uniforms.

The New York Jets plan to build a $50 million environmentally friendly headquarters and practice facility, team president Jay Cross said Thursday.

Gathering to Examine Pros, Cons of Building, Designing Green

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Green is good.

That’s the underlying message of the 2006 San Diego Green Conference, which will be examining environmentally friendly design and building, along with decision-making, at the University of San Diego, from Sept. 13-15.

New York Governor: World Trade Center Will Use Green Building Design

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New York Governor George E. Pataki has announced a groundbreaking new package of energy and environmental measures that will be incorporated into the design of the World Trade Center redevelopment. Plans for the Freedom Tower and other facilities at the World Trade Center site will feature state-of-the-art energy technologies to better protect environmental resources, utilize renewable energy resources, and maximize energy efficiency.

University building is a lesson in green

Read the full Dallas Morning News story in the Belleville News-Democrat.

DALLAS – Engineering students entering their classrooms this fall at Southern Methodist University are learning the latest engineering concepts not only from their professors, but from the classrooms themselves – the walls, the windows, the floors, the cabinetry – as well as from the hallway outside, the bathroom down the hall, even the building’s main lobby.

The university’s new $16 million engineering building is on track to be the first college building in Texas to be certified as environmentally friendly by the leading arbiter of such things, the U.S. Green Building Council. The structure will save the university an estimated $70,000 in energy costs annually, but the bigger impact will be its use as a learning tool for the next generation of North Texas civil and mechanical engineers.

The SMU Daily Campus also covered the story.

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