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Time Magazine on Shrinking Down the House

Via Treehugger.

Living with Less is going mainstream- Time magazine gets small and covers it this week, with TreeHugger faves like the Micro Compact Home, the Katrina Cottage, Tumbleweed Homes and Geoff Warner of the Wee House. Says Geoff: “When you build smaller, you can put in a lot more quality than you can in a larger space.”, something we have been saying for a long time. ::Time Magazine

Consumer Reports' Green Shopping Sites

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“Check GreenerChoices.org for details on electronics, appliances, home and garden products, autos and food. Find out how to incorporate environmental and health issues into product purchases, uses, recycling and disposal.” “Eco-labels.org, (is) another Consumer Reports site.”

U.S. Government Wins Round in Power Struggle with Industrial Plants over Air Pollution

Read the full story at ENN.

WASHINGTON — The government won a round Thursday in a long-running dispute over how much authority it has to force industrial plants to cut air pollution.

Its victory over Cinergy Corp. in a federal appeals court in Chicago could help the Supreme Court decide the issue in a similar case this fall.

Friedman energy plan focuses on renewable resources

Read the full story in the Houston Chronicle.

AUSTIN — Independent gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman rolled out his Texas energy proposal today, saying he wants to substantially boost renewable energy production.

Sustainablog also has a post about this.

Hybrid Owners of America Formed to Advocate for Interests of Owners of Hybrids

Read the full post at Green Car Congress.

A new organization—the Hybrid Owners of America (HOA)—launched itself today to organize and to advocate for the interests of the roughly 500,000 Americans who are driving hybrid cars and other gas/electric vehicles.

Pennsylvania Announces Major Corn-Ethanol Plant, Cellulosic-Ethanol Pilot Plant

Read the full post at Green Car Congress.

Pennsylvania’s first ethanol production facility will locate in Clearfield County, according to Governor Ed Rendell.

Bioenergy International will build and operate the 108-million-gallon corn-based ethanol plant, and Lukoil Americas—the US arm of Russian oil major Lukoil—will be the exclusive distributor of the finished product. In addition to the corn-ethanol plant, BioEnergy is building a smaller pilot-scale cellulosic ethanol plant using Bioenergy’s technology to produce the fuel from organic wastes such as wood and agricultural residue.

Polluted Sites Nationwide Could Become Biofuels Proving Grounds

Read the full story at RenewableEnergyAccess.com.

Growing crops for biofuels summons images of fuel alternatives springing from the rural heartland. But a Michigan State University partnership with DaimlerChrysler is looking at turning industrial brownfields green.

"Measuring What Matters" webinars

Using sustainability indicators to track and drive better performance
August 21, 2006, 12:00-1:00pm Pacific / August 29, 2006, 10:00a-11:00am Pacific
For more information: http://www.natlogic.com/offerings/seminars.html#MWM

Everyone knows that “What gets measured gets done.” (Or, more accurately, “It’s hard to manage what you don’t measure.”) But how do you make sense of the growing mix of sustainability indicators, metrics, and KPIs that are such an essential part of sustainability reporting. How do you select the powerful measures — and compelling goals — that can help your organization track and drive better decisions and better performance? How do you put those measures to work for your organization, supporting strategy, implementation, reward systems — and results?

This intermediate-level workshop on “Tools for Assessing Progress towards Sustainability” is designed to answer those questions for people and organizations who have been working and grappling with sustainability indicator issues. There’s no “making the case” for why sustainability, or sustainability indicators, are important; we assume you know that. On the other hand, people and organizations who are early in their process will feel welcome and their time well spent.

This workshop is adapted from the “Measures that Matter” workshops we provide to companies and agencies, to help them select meaningful metrics and implement systems that help track and drive better environmental and economic performance.

Register on line for the webinar, call 1-877-628-5644 or 1-510-849-5467, or email measures at natlogic dot com

Researchers Examining Air Quality In Aircrafts

Read the full story in Environmental Protection.

In a tightly enclosed area, such as an airplane, the quality and safety of the air is of utmost importance. Along with concerns about general air quality are other issues, such as accidental contamination of aircraft cabins — such as with pandemic flu — and deliberate contamination with biological agents — such as anthrax — as part of a terrorist attack.