Day: August 9, 2006

Carbon Value Analysis Tool (CVAT)

This downloadable tool helps corporate energy managers to assess the value of emissions reductions and make decisions on financing new projects. Thanks to ClimateBiz for the pointer.

Global Warming Basics

If you’re looking for a comprehensive overview of climate change, this guide from the Pew Center on Global Climate Change is a great place to start. The Web-link format helps users find the information they’re looking for quickly and easily. Thanks to ClimateBiz for the pointer.

Comprehensive Carbon Calculator

This calculator allows you to offset air travel, automobile transportation, emissions from your household, hotel stay, and even an option to offset a friend or family member’s emissions as a gift. Thanks to ClimateBiz for the pointer.

WWF and Sony Ink Emission Reduction Deal

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Sony will cut CO2 emissions from both operations and its product range as part of a deal struck with WWF.

Why Buy Renewables?

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After recent interviews with large renewable power purchasers, Deston S. Nokes says he?s learned a few remarkable things. One is that there’s a deeper ethic at work than simple branding. And two, leadership is coming from citizens, businesses and local governments, not from Washington, D.C.

Research Partners Develop Semitransparent Organic Solar Cells

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Global Photonic Energy Corporation (GPEC) announced that its research partners at the University of Southern California (USC), Princeton University and the University of Michigan have demonstrated organic solar cells that are semitransparent to visible light while delivering approximately half the power output of a non-transparent cell.

Pollution Prevention (P2) Success Stories — TSCA New Chemicals Program P2 Recognition Project

The P2 Recognition Project serves as a means to acknowledge companies for developing innovative chemistry and technologies that further pollution prevention and other environmental goals. EPA’s New Chemicals Program believes that the honoring of such innovations by the Agency (and the publicity associated with it) will serve as a stimulus to further innovation both to the company receiving the letter and to other chemical companies.

Resources for eco-awareness and action

E: THe Environmental Magazine has a sustainable products roundup in it’s current issue.

Researchers: Brownfields Could Be Used To Grow Crops For Biodiesel

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A Michigan State University (MSU) partnership with DaimlerChrysler seeks to turn industrial brownfields green with a project that would grow crops for biofuels.

Kurt Thelen, MSU professor of crop and soil sciences, is leading the investigation to examine the possibility that some oilseed crops like soybeans, sunflower and canola, and other crops such as corn and switchgrass, can be grown on abandoned industrial sites for use in ethanol or biodiesel fuel production. Another partner is NextEnergy, a nonprofit organization that supports energy technology development.

Tips for a Waste-Less School Year

Environmental Protection magazine provides U.S. EPA tips on reducing waste during back-to-school. For more information, see EPA’s Make a Difference Campaign for Middle School Students, which is adaptable to other grade levels.

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