Sustainable art roundup

Treehugger also has some great links to art made from recycled materials. Neat stuff.

Art to Save the Planet
NYC artist Flash Light tells us that the “2D-D-Detritus” exhibit, the latest installment of the Art from Detritus series, has been extended through July 23rd. To be eligible for inclusion in Art from Detritus shows, artwork must be made primarily from discarded objects and materials. This year’s theme is collage, and the materials used include fabric, bark, rubber, and string.

Mural Gives Old Boxes New Life
We were delighted to see this post from our friends at Gothamist, noting a lovely mural made of recycled boxes posted on a Brooklyn wall. Local artist Fred Bendheim designed and assembled it with the help of second graders at the Berkeley Carroll School in Park Slope. Projects like this serve several purposes: they encourage artists to think about ways to reuse waste materials, they encourage students to think about waste and reuse in their daily lives, and they create art that both beautifies the neighborhood and educates passersby. If you know of similar public art projects that use recycled materials, we’d love to hear about them. ::Recycled for Brooklyn Mural on ::Gothamist

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