Kiwis Lick Renewable Energy

Via Treehugger:

Just this week New Zealand made all green philatelists salivate. They released a series of stamps celebrating the fact that over 60% of the country’s electricity is generated as renewable energy via their hydro schemes (90c).

The stamps not only reflect the influence of this source of fossil fool free energy, but myriad other forms too. The largest wind farm in the southern hemisphere is at Tararua, Palmerston, supplying juice to 30,000 homes (45c). The biogas technology used at Waikato is said to be able to service a similar number of houses near to such facilities throughout the country ($1.35).

Long before Lord of the Rings fever hit , the Land of the Long White Cloud was attracting tourists to its geothermal wonders, which have also been harnessed to provide 18% of primary energy needs ($1.50). And finally our old fav Solar, shown here on the $2 stamp, powering a remote lighthouse. (and yeh, we know you don’t have to lick—or luck, as a Kiwi might say—stamps anymore, but the wordplay just tickled our fancy.) ::NZ Post, via Groovy Green. Thanks Michael.

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