Day: June 26, 2006

Pollution Detective

Summary of a science fair project done by a 17 year old high school student in West Virginia.

Kelydra Welcker’s neighbors have an invisible problem.

Kelydra, 17, lives in Parkersburg, W.Va. Nearby, a DuPont chemical plant makes a variety of products, including the nonstick material Teflon. Tiny amounts of an ingredient used to produce Teflon have ended up in the area’s water supply. Lab tests have shown that this chemical, known as APFO, is toxic and may cause cancer in animals.

The water that comes out of Parkersburg’s faucets looks and tastes fine, but many people worry that drinking it will hurt their health.

Instead of just worrying about the problem, Kelydra took action. She invented a way to detect and help remove APFO from drinking water. And she has applied for a patent on the process.

Dive into the Great Lakes! Great Lakes Institute 2006—Aug. 15-17

Read the full story from the Great Lakes Consortium.

K-12 educators can travel aboard a Great Lakes research vessel and learn about shipwrecks, fish species and Great Lakes research during a comprehensive three-day workshop Aug. 15-17.

States sue EPA over mercury contamination

Read the full story from the Great Lakes Radion Consortium.

The EPA recently finalized its mercury reduction plan for coal-burning power plants. Now 16 states are taking the EPA to court, saying the so-called “cap-and-trade” plan doesn’t go far enough.

Guide to Great Lakes health

Read the full story from the Duluth News Tribune.

A new, large-scale study of ecological indicators has determined the best ways to measure what stresses the Great Lakes.

When Multitasking Makes Life Easier

Read the full story from New American Dream.

If you have a desk job, the word “multitasking” may send a shudder down your spine. It has become synonymous with the way many employers squeeze productivity out of workers by forcing them to juggle more duties than they can handle at any one time.

When it comes to possessions, however, multitasking them can be a great way to reduce unnecessary stuff–saving money, time, and the environmental costs of extra manufactured products.

Love Is Green

Read the full article from New American Dream.

Tips for a special wedding, commitment ceremony, or party with the earth in mind.

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