GreenLeaf Market: An Online Farmer's Market

Via Treehugger:

GreenLeaf Market is a new internet-based business that believes everyone should have the opportunity to eat fresh, local, healthy food no matter where they are; to this end, they’re creating a virtual network of farmers and food producers with local grocers, restaurants and consumers.

Not officially launched just yet, GreenLeaf Market is designed to make buying and selling local produce as easy, convenient and cost effective as possible. Created as a foil to the question, “Why is it easier to buy from someone 2,000 miles away than it is from someone 20 miles away?”, GreenLeaf is touting itself as an eBay for local food, and we love the idea.

Local farmers will be able to post what they have to sell, and buyers will be able to browse through the offerings and make online purchases from the farmers. No matter how you slice it, local food is better; it’s fresher, easier on the planet and supportive of local economies (Need more convincing?

Read 10 reasons to eat local, as well as experiences from trying the 100-mile diet). We’ll look forward to blackberry season and wait for the official launch. ::GreenLeaf Market via ::WorldChanging

According to their FAQ, “GreenLeaf was created to make it easier for schools, hospitals, restaurants, and other institutional buyers to buy local food first. We will have options for individuals in the very near future.”

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