Day: June 16, 2006

Be self-sufficient: recycle your own sewage

Read the full story in the Sydney (AU) Morning Herald.

Homes and apartment blocks could halve their water use by installing revolutionary sewage recycling technology, Sydney scientists say. About the size of four refrigerators, it uses bacteria and fungi to convert sewage into water fit for gardens, flushing toilets and cleaning.

Keep South Central Farm on Top of New Warehouse?

Via Hugg:

A commenter at sustainablog offered an intriguing “win-win” to the conflict at Los Angeles’ South Central Farm: let Ralph Horowitz build his warehouse, and then put a green roof on it for the farmers to grow their crops! We’re not sure how practical this solution is, and would love to hear from others more knowledgeable about such an engineering challenge.  » original news

Thawing permafrost could unleash tons of carbon

Read the full story in Science (via Hugg).

“As the Siberian permafrost thaws, it will release the carbon contained in old grass roots and buried animal bones into the atmosphere, in what could be an unstoppable contributor to global climate change, according to the researchers. Earlier climate models may have failed to account for this possible component of global warming, he said.” “If all Siberian permafrost thawed and released its carbon in the form of heat-trapping carbon dioxide, it could nearly double the 730 billion metric tons of carbon now in the atmosphere.”

Quebec petroleum companies to pay green tax

Read the full story from the CBC (via Hugg).

The province announced Thursday a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emission called Quebec and Climate Change: A Challenge for the Future. It is expected to reduce greenhouse gases in Quebec by 10 million tonnes a year by 2012. It includes new emissions standards for passenger vehicles among the 24 actions and will be financed by a royalty on petroleum products.

Toyota's "green" efforts extend to cow dung

Read the full story from Reuters.

When it comes to saving the planet, Toyota Motor Corp. seems to be leaving no stone unturned. Nor, as it turns out, any pile of cow dung. The world’s number-two car maker said on Friday it had co-developed a cutting-edge composting ingredient and process that drastically reduce nitrous oxide, methane and other greenhouse gases, as well as offensive odours produced by livestock waste — part of its efforts to clean the environment.

Greening New York's Subways

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Public transportation saves energy. Instead of individually consuming hundreds of gallons of gasoline, if not thousands, the great mass of workers in Boston, Chicago or New York commute powered by electricity or efficient diesel engines. Saving fuel and other environmental economies are thus embedded in the very way the municipal authorities charged with mass transit do business. So it comes as no surprise that New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has an ambitious plan to “green” its operations.

Energy efficiency plan could drive up cost of homes

Read the full story at the CBC.

Ontario plans to introduce stricter energy efficiency standards for new homes, which could add thousands of dollars to the rising costs of construction.

Greening of Florida's universities

Read the full story in the St. Petersburg Times.

Energy bills in the millions combined with idealistic environmentalism are forcing campuses to become laboratories of new conservation tactics.

Sick of smelling hogs? Research to look for solution

Read the full Associated Press story in the Daily Herald.

URBANA, Ill. — The University of Illinois plans to use a $251,000 grant presented by the state attorney general’s office Thursday to test techniques and technology to control hog farm odors.

Building Green In The Natural State

Read the full story in the Fayetteville Morning News.

Nicknamed “The Natural State,” Arkansas is known for its scenic beauty, clear lakes and abundant wildlife. Yet, it ranked 47th in a state-by-state report on sustainable green planning completed by the Renewable Resource Institute of New York, a non-profit and non-governmental agency that promotes green living concepts worldwide.

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