The Greening of Aging

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Americans Turn on to Energy Efficiency with New Million Light Bulb Campaign

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With a goal of preventing more than a billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions from entering the Earth’s atmosphere, Environmental Defense has launched a major campaign encouraging Americans to replace one million standard light bulbs with energy efficient models. In just the opening hours of the online campaign, Americans pledged to replace bulbs that will save 35 million pounds of carbon dioxide pollution.

The Greening of Goldman

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An investment bank links environmental sustainability to profit.

A Research Report on Ethanol Investment: Golden Opportunity or Fool’s Gold?

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Source: Alternative Energy News Source
A Research Report on Ethanol Investment: Golden Opportunity or Fool’s Gold?

“The investment banks who led us to the golden pastures of dotcom before 2000 and the subsequent burst bubble are the same that are now leading the charge for corn ethanol. Corn ethanol is projected to be a sure bet for investors, just as dotcom was at one time. We believe that a near-term boom and bust in corn ethanol is possible if the individual investors are not careful. In this report we examine eight points of caution for ethanol investors, after which is a conclusion focusing on the long-term potential of ethanol.”

Scrap Tire Cleanup Guidebook

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Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Scrap Tire Cleanup Guidebook
“To help state and local governments reduce the economic burdens and environmental risks associated with scrap tire piles on their landscapes, U.S. EPA Region 5 and Illinois EPA have collaborated to create the Scrap Tire Cleanup Guidebook.

The guidebook brings together the experience of dozens of professionals in one resource designed to provide state and local officials with the information needed to effectively clean up scrap tire piles. The guidebook discusses starting a cleanup program, working with contractors to clean up sites, and implementing prevention programs that will reduce scrap tire dumping.” Download in sections (PDFs) or as complete document (PDF; 7.1 MB).

Forest Industry Leaders Commit to Action on Global Sustainability

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OTTAWA, Canada, June 12, 2006 – Member companies of the International Council of Forest and Paper Associations have signed on a major new leadership agreement on sustainability.

A more efficient way to make ethanol?

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The cost of oil is topping out near 70 dollars a barrel and the nation is sending billions of dollars to unstable foreign countries to get it. With that in mind, many Americans have begun to think about biofuels from domestic crops. Biofuels such as corn ethanol and soy diesel are the most popular right now. But researchers are looking into plants that don’t require the fertilizers and pesticides those crops need. The GLRC’s Richard Annal reports on one crop that could make ethanol much more efficiently.

New Hope for Manganese Toxicity

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Aspirinlike compound reverses neurological symptoms in poisoned manganese miner.

The Energy Challenge: Pollution From Chinese Coal Casts a Global Shadow

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Coal is China’s double-edged sword — the new economy’s black gold and the fragile environment’s dark cloud.

Why washing your jeans can cost the Earth

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Want to save the planet? Wear your jeans two days a week, wash them every fifth day, and let them dry by themselves. Or better still don’t wash them at all. And don’t even think of ironing them.