Day: June 9, 2006

Middle School Environmental Essay Contest Winners

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Keep Kingsport Beautiful and sponsor, Hunter Smith Davis, LLP, recently awarded three John Sevier Middle School students with cash and a plaque for their winning entries in this year’s Middle School Environmental Essay Contest.

Alternative Energy Inspires Young Scientists

Via the Alternative Energy Blog:

In Indianapolis a number of the 1,500 young scientists competing in the International Science and Engineering Fair for $4 million dollars in prizes and scholarships pursued alternative energy innovations.

Seventeen year old Allison Wilson from Stuart, Iowa, won $11,000 in scholarships by making ethanol fuel from prairie grass.

Renewable energy also inspired 17 year old Brian Sutterer of Terre Haute, Indiana, who generated electricity using the difference in temperature above and below ground (geothermal energy).

2006 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

Police recycle horse dung for cash

Read the full story in the Manchester Evening News.

Thrifty police are recycling horse manure to dig their way out of a cash crisis. Mounted officers at the Greater Manchester Police stables are using the 12 tons of manure produced each month to generate energy and cut heating bills. It is one of a range of environmentally-friendly policies that has helped the force save £30m of taxpayers’ money in the past year.

Proposed Regulatory Consumer Products Categories Product Lists Available; Consumer Products Workgroup Meeting June 1, 2006

The California Air Resources Board has posted product lists for the initial draft proposed regulatory consumer products categories. These product lists along with other topics will be discussed at the next Consumer Products Workgroup Meeting which will be held on June 1, 2006, at ARB’s Monitoring and Laboratory Division building in Sacramento. Please see the meeting notice for teleconference details.

The Workgroup meeting agenda and the product lists can be found on ARB’s website at Some product lists were withheld to protect individual companies’ confidential information.

If you have any questions regarding the workgroup meeting, please do not hesitate to contact Trish Johnson at (916) 445-3365 or by email at, or you may contact David Mallory at (916) 445-8316 or by email at [Source: Chemallliance Environmental News]

Mercury in Tuna: New Safety Concerns

This report concludes that “canned light tuna, long recommended as the safer choice because of its presumably lower mercury content, sometimes harbors at least as much of that potentially harmful heavy metal as white tuna does.” Provides a FAQ based on the findings and a chart showing low-mercury seafood choices for women of childbearing age and young children. From Consumer Reports. [via Librarian’s Index to the Internet]

Arsenic and King George III

Discussion of a study that concludes “medication laced with arsenic may have contributed to [King George’s] mental problems.” Scientists have suggested that George III’s poor physical health and episodes of mental instability “were caused by porphyria — a rare inherited blood disorder. New studies have revealed another possible contributing cause for the King’s problems: arsenic poisoning.” Includes links to sites about porphyria. Part of the Neuroscience for Kids site. [via Librarian’s Index to the Internet]

Soy inks sink in

Read the full story in Sustainable Industries Journal.

Soy inks now account for about 22 percent of the total print market, experts say.

Dawn of the next dot-com?

Read the full story in Sustainable Industries Journal.

Veteran corporate execs and venture capitalists are psyched about “cleantech.”

Fetzer Vineyards to Host U.S. Wine Industry's Largest Solar Array

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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., June 9, 2006 – Fetzer Vineyards has announced a collaborative effort to develop the largest solar energy vineyard project in the U.S.

Parade on the green: Energy efficient home building finds mainstream

Read the full story in the Madison, WI Capital Times.

It was only about a decade ago that the Sierra Club was calling it the “Charade of Homes.” Today, the Parade of Homes still features upscale homes in fringe areas of Madison and its suburbs, but in other ways it has changed dramatically.

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