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Arsenic, Added Sugar, And Every Other Bad Thing In Your Food—Now In One Helpful Database

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Chances are, you have no idea what you’re eating–and what you are eating is way worse than you think. The Environmental Working Group’s new food database can help change that.


Ebay, Kindle and Skype rule among the greenest apps

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Ebay, Skype and Kindle now have more in common than being three of the most widely used smartphone apps. They are also the best apps for promoting sustainable behavior, according to a recent study by the WSP Group, a U.K. environmental consultancy firm.

Five Easy Ways To Have A Shareable Halloween

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Halloween is just around the corner, and that means ghosts and goblins everywhere will soon be showing their spooky faces.

But there’s something more terrifying than bloody corpses and flesh-hungry zombies–all the money and resources that are wasted on creating a single night of scary parties and haunted houses.

That’s why we’ve put together a quick list of easy ways to make your Halloween more Shareable. And who knows? You might just form a few new friendships along the way!

BoatUS Foundation Accepting Grant Applications for Safe and Clean Boating Projects

The BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water is accepting applications to its Grassroots Grants Program, which annually awards funds to nonprofit organizations, boating clubs, and student groups in the United States that provide education about safe and clean boating.

The foundation is looking for creative projects that promote safe and clean boating on local waterways. Past topics have ranged from PSAs on the effects of boating under the influence to hands-on education about the effects of marine debris.

The language of sustainability

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Sustainable thinking has hit the mainstream. From e-readers that bypass the resource thirsty book industry, to smart meters that help householders save energy, many of the technology products that are launched these days have some kind of sustainability angle.

This is having a profound effect on the language we use and the way we think about sustainability. New technology is transforming our views about consumption and introducing new words into our lexicon that have sustainable thinking at their heart.