It’s time to bring back the public water fountain

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Fifteen years ago, according to Elizabeth Royte in “Bottlemania,” a Pepsi Cola vice president told investors: “when we are done, tap water will be relegated to showers and washing dishes.” They have pretty much succeeded; bottled water has come from nowhere to be a huge business, with Americans drinking 50 billion bottles of it every year. At the same time, public water fountains have been disappearing. As people have moved to bottled water, municipalities have cut back to save money on expensive maintenance.

Laundry Practices and Water Conservation

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Commercial laundry products are typically made from a combination of chemicals that may include surfactants, bleaching agents, and enzymes intended to remove dirt from textiles and fragrance to add a “clean” scent. Dryer sheets are infused with strong fragrances. While some chemicals common in laundry products are known skin irritants, the extent of the environmental and health impacts from laundry detergent and dryer sheets is not fully understood. Complicating matters further, manufacturers are not required to disclose their ingredients. A 2011 study found that scented laundry products emit VOCs including the carcinogens acetaldehyde and benzene. Unscented environmentally friendly laundry products are safer alternatives to traditional laundry products.

Who you callin’ ugly? Join the campaign to end food waste now

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A petition calls on Whole Foods and Wal-Mart to start selling ugly produce instead of throwing it away — an act that can benefit everyone.

How to Dispose of Old Electronics

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Do you have an old non-working computer stashed away somewhere in your garage, attic, or closet because you’re not sure how to dispose of it?  Do you have a stack of CDs with old backups on them that you no longer need? An old printer or monitor? Power cords or connector cables that you don’t use?

Here are a few suggestions for how to dispose of these items safely and responsibly.

Three things you must teach your kids if you care about the environment

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“Reduce, reuse, recycle” is a good start. But what the next generation really needs to know is how to overcome political polarization, science phobia and lazy thinking.

How Your Old Jeans Are Warming Houses

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Cotton Incorporated is working with Bonded Logic, Inc, manufacturers of UltraTouch Denim Insulation, to give beat-up (not in a trendy way) jeans a second life, and one that is impactful to boot.