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‘Conscious Consumer’ talk promotes business sustainability

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Even the flyer for the event had a reminder written: “PLEASE RECYCLE ME!”

That flyer was for “The Conscious Consumer,” a talk given Monday night at the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts. The event featured two speakers, including Alex Freid, a University of New Hampshire graduate, and Cynthia Barstow, a marketing professor at UMass. Both are founders of movements that promote environmentally sustainable business practices.

Both speakers aim to end “corporate greenwashing,” which occurs when a company claims to be environmentally ethical but actually is not. Freid and Barstow criticized the lack of transparency of certain big businesses as it relates to environmental stability.

Heading for zero

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Ace Hardware worked with its waste and recycling contractor to get one DC to the point where it ships nothing to a landfill. A second DC is close behind. And that’s only a part of the hardware cooperative’s sustainability efforts.

How to Move Sustainability to the Boardroom

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The UN Global Compact has launched a program to help move sustainability issues from the backroom to the boardroom.

The Global Compact Board Programme supports boards of directors to oversee and drive a strategic approach to corporate sustainability, and to respond to the interests of all their key stakeholders while protecting and creating financial value.

The program will help companies better manage risk and growth opportunities by developing solutions that respond to the future demands of people and needs of the planet, UNGC says.

Sustainability in the electronics industry: ‘We’re trying to improve conditions for people on the planet’

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Tim Mohin, chairman of the electronics industry citizenship coalition, talks about collaborating with competitors to clean up supply chains and improve working conditions in the electronics business.

TreeHouse is like Home Depot with a green conscience

Earlier this week, I posted a link to a Guardian story about Treehouse, an alternative to existing big box home improvement stores launched by the guy who brought us The Container Store. Using that profile as a jumping off point, Grist’s Sam Bliss offers the chain some suggestions as they grow.

Transitioning to Safer Chemicals: A Toolkit for Employers and Workers

Establishing a chemical management system that goes beyond simply complying with OSHA standards and strives to reduce or eliminate chemical hazards at the source through informed substitution best protects workers. Transitioning to safer alternatives can be a complex undertaking, but a variety of existing resources make it easier. OSHA has developed this step-by-step toolkit to provide employers and workers with information, methods, tools, and guidance on using informed substitution in the workplace.