BASF, Solazyme launch algal-derived betaine surfactant

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BASF and Solazyme have announced the launch of the first commercial surfactant derived from microalgae oil, a high performance algal betaine for use in home and personal care applications. Commercialized by BASF under the trade name Dehyton® AO 45, algal betaine is a betaine surfactant made from renewable microalgae oil.

Clean Air Excellence Awards

The Clean Air Excellence Awards Program, established at the recommendation of the Clean Air Act Advisory Committee, periodically recognizes and honors outstanding innovative efforts to help make progress in achieving cleaner air.

Award-winning entries must directly or indirectly reduce pollutant emissions, demonstrate innovation, offer sustainable outcomes, and provide a model for others to follow.

EPA is accepting applications for the 2016 awards until September 11, 2015. Download the entry forms here.

Playing ‘tag’ with pollution lets scientists see who’s It

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Using a climate model that can tag sources of soot from different global regions and can track where it lands on the Tibetan Plateau, researchers have determined which areas around the plateau contribute the most soot — and where. The model can also suggest the most effective way to reduce soot on the plateau, easing the amount of warming the region undergoes.

The work, which appeared in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics in June, shows that soot pollution on and above the Himalayan-Tibetan Plateau area warms the region enough to contribute to earlier snowmelt and shrinking glaciers. A major source of water, such changes could affect the people living there. The study might help policy makers target pollution reduction efforts by pinpointing the sources that make the biggest difference when cut.

Life cycle air quality impacts of light-duty transportation: Video abstract

Video abstract of the article “Life cycle air quality impacts of conventional and alternative light-duty transportation in the United States,” by  Christopher W. Tessum, Jason D. Hill, and Julian D. Marshall. The article was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the U.S.A. Full text is openly available at:­3111.

Animations of pollutant concentrations for each vehicle option are available
Fine particulate matter (PM2.5):
Ground-level ozone:

How today’s architects contribute to resilient cities

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In 1961, visionary urban theorist Jane Jacobs described the problem of architecture: “We expect too much of buildings and too little of ourselves.”

Today, many architects are rejecting architecture-as-spectacle and focusing on process rather than product. They recognize that more than just serving those who can afford their services, design can make communities more resilient.

Here are four ways architects are contributing to city resilience:

How Adidas is pioneering open-source sustainability for sports

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Adidas is among the most admired companies in the world, especially when it comes to sustainability.

In January, Corporate Knights, “the magazine for clean capitalism,” ranked the sporting goods and apparel giant No. 3 on its list of the “Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations.” In fact, Adidas was the only textile, apparel or luxury good company that made the list.

That raises the question of what makes the company tick so consistently when it comes to sustainability, despite the financial pressures of the athletic apparel marketplace. It uses an approach most commonly associated with the tech world: Open source innovation.

What a true ESPN of sustainability would look like

Over at GreenBiz, Raj Sapru responds to last week’s article “Can Collectively become the ESPN of sustainability?” He says, “We do need an ESPN-like presence that can provide timely data, pointed critiques and lively debate, and represent real-time critical voices in the field,” and goes on to detail the attributes necessary for such a site.