California Universities Launch Experiment To Go Carbon-Neutral ‘At Scale’

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What does it look like when a university decides to walk the walk as well as talk the talk on climate change? The University of California system — which encompasses 10 university campuses and two national scientific research laboratories — is about to find out.

When It Comes to Climate Change, Texas Is an Impediment — and a Leader

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The Lone Star State is pushing against federal efforts to cut carbon emissions, while simultaneously building itself up as an example of a leader in clean power and other greenhouse gas-reducing systems.

Shocking new way to get the salt out

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As the availability of clean, potable water becomes an increasingly urgent issue in many parts of the world, researchers are searching for new ways to treat salty, brackish or contaminated water to make it usable. Now a team at MIT has come up with an innovative approach that, unlike most traditional desalination systems, does not separate ions or water molecules with filters, which can become clogged, or boiling, which consumes great amounts of energy.

Instead, the system uses an electrically driven shockwave within a stream of flowing water, which pushes salty water to one side of the flow and fresh water to the other, allowing easy separation of the two streams. The new approach is described in the journal Environmental Science and Technology Letters, in a paper by professor of chemical engineering and mathematics Martin Bazant, graduate student Sven Schlumpberger, undergraduate Nancy Lu, and former postdoc Matthew Suss.

California To Go All-In on LEDs

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The Sacramento-based California Energy Commission is pondering energy-efficient lighting standards that, if approved, would establish LED bulbs as a statewide staple and consign some forms of track lighting to history’s discard pile.

Can pharmaceutical packaging be safety-compliant and sustainable?

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Pharma companies will benefit from the time spent transitioning to a more sustainable model, especially as they see growing consumer satisfaction, says APP study.

On Thin Ice: Big Northern Lakes Are Being Rapidly Transformed

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As temperatures rise, the world’s iconic northern lakes are undergoing major changes that include swiftly warming waters, diminished ice cover, and outbreaks of harmful algae. Now, a global consortium of scientists is trying to assess the toll.

Not on This Land: A Western Tribe Takes a Stand and Says No to Big Coal

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The Northern Cheyenne are opposing a proposed railroad that would cut through their ancestral lands to haul Montana coal to the Pacific coast for export. An e360 video reports on the Cheyenne’s fight against the railroad and the extraordinary coalition of tribal people and ranchers who have joined together to stop the project.