DLA Energy Biofuel Feedstock Metrics Study

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Results and assessment framework developed by LMI in the performance of a Defense Logistics Agency Energy commissioned study to: establish a foundation for the ongoing assessment of emerging feedstocks and biofuel pathways; meet future military service demand for next-generation, drop-in operational biofuels; and contribute to the achievement of national security, energy, environmental, and mission sustainability goals.

Keeping it simple: Can EnergyPoints make environmental decisions easier?

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Massachusetts entrepreneur Ory Zik’s EnergyPoints software converts complex environmental impacts into a gallon-of-gasoline equivalent, and Fortune 500 companies already use it.

Note that U.S. EPA also has several greenhouse gas equivalencies calculators available at no charge.

How Plastic In The Ocean Is Contaminating Your Seafood

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We’ve long known that the fish we eat are exposed to toxic chemicals in the rivers, bays and oceans they inhabit. The substance that’s gotten the most attention — because it has shown up at disturbingly high levels in some fish — is .

But mercury is just one of a slew of synthetic and organic pollutants that fish can ingest and absorb into their tissue. Sometimes it’s because we’re dumping chemicals right into the ocean. But as a published recently in Nature, Scientific Reports helps illuminate, sometimes fish get chemicals from the plastic debris they ingest.