The Sordid Present and Bright Future of Freecycling

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Freecycling is, very simply, the exchange of goods for free. As a concept, it’s as old as humans, but as an online platform, it dates back to 2003, when Freecycle, driven by Yahoo groups, was launched. Now a global platform for freecycling via local freecycling communities, Freecycle is straightforward, useful and familiar.

But in a digital climate where newer, faster and better is a mantra, being 10 years old and familiar can be a liability. The next generation of freecyclers are here and they are sleek, social and well-branded.

Facebook has made freecycling easier than ever and emerging Freecycle-like platforms that offer reputation systems, social media integration, mobile apps, points and rewards are taking a run at the freecycling game. Add to the equation the fact that Freecycle’s founder, Deron Beal, has a reputation for being an autocrat, and the future of freecycling becomes less clear.

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