More about the S-word: Is it all about survival?

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My last blog was about how changing our approach to recycling from one of mere “diversion” to “destination” — that is, implementing a preplanned system of directing different materials for reprocessing  – could best enable us to  create a “zero waste world.”  This again got me thinking about the meaning of “sustainability,” a subject which I have often contemplated before without arriving at any sort of genuine conclusion.

Shortly thereafter, I attended a Zero Waste Summit in New York. While listening intently to the panel discussion on municipalities and government initiatives related to the zero-waste concept, I heard one of the panelists say the problem with sustainability is the word sustainability itself. His point was that even though everyone in the room was there to promote their own personal initiatives or investments in helping to save the planet, each individual would have a different definition of sustainability to offer. I was in total agreement — though my head immediately said: but sustainability is necessary for our very survival!

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